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 "Oil of Gladness" is directed by Sister Liz Saenz. Sister Saenz has a  heart for women who have had rough times in their lives. Her goal is to  let them know that, beyond it all, they are valued as a person and loved  by someone. She has vowed to gather items, such as toiletries and  beauty aids, that these women might need from day to day. These women  are often housed in homes, such as, House of Decision, in Cherry Valley,  California. Many support homes, like these, are not provided with  enough financial aid, via donations, to supply these women, as well as  their children, with these simple daily necessities that are taken for  granted. Liz has found favor in God and she, with the help of her family  and local churches, like ours, donate those items to these  lovely  ladies, to provide them what they would otherwise not receive. 

About Liz Saenz

Liz Saenz is the founder of Oil of Gladness.  She was a victim  of domestic violence for 12 years.  She has an incredible story of  leaving a volatile marriage and starting life over with her 3 children.   She shares her story of God’s faithfulness during difficult years as a  single mom and the beauty of finding love again.

Married  to a wonderful man now, they travel throughout Northern and Southern  California telling her story of restoration and love.  Oil of Gladness  is a dream realized.  Liz had a detailed dream where she sang at a  concert and where attendees brought beauty products for women who had  been domestic violence victims.  She acted on faith, planned a concert  and encouraged guests to donate beauty products for Christmas gifts.   She continues to accept speaking engagements to share her story.  With  God’s help, she wants to seek out more women’s shelters and recovery  homes to bless. 

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